All Tricks, No Treats


Halloween conjures a variety of images—some more ghoulish than others. But one remains ingrained in every child’s mind: candy! Ever the dutiful parent, this Halloween, you will steer your trick-or-treaters away from haunted houses and fend off zombie attacks; but you should also beware of knocking on Big Tobacco’s door. If you have a Snow White amidst your troop of sugar hounds, she will find this warning familiar: artfully crafted sweets may conceal dark intentions and bitter consequences. Tobacco companies can legally market products like cigars, hookahs, snus, and e-cigarettes in a variety of fruit and candy flavors that appeal to those most at risk of becoming lifelong tobacco users—your children. One-third of all youth smokers will eventually die from a disease caused by tobacco. Don’t let the tobacco industry trick your kids. Treat yourself and your family to the truth. Knowledge is sweet. Learn more here.