The Great American Spit Out

Smokeless tobacco use remains a serious problem in Arkansas, especially among the male population. Communities statewide continue to fight its use, and in partnership, the Stamp Out Smoking program is encouraging all Arkansans to participate in the Great American Spit Outon February 23.

The Great American Spit Out occurs in conjunction with Through With Chew Week, which takes place February 17 – 23.  Through With Chew Week is designed to raise awareness of the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco.  The Great American Spit Out is a day when smokeless tobacco users are encouraged to quit for a day and, ultimately, quit for good.

Great American Spit Out Resources:

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Great American Spit Out Template Press Release

U Can Quit 2 – Download campaign materials for this year’s event, including ads and photos for Facebook and Twitter

Website Resources:


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