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Sweet Lies, Bitter Truth: Big Tobacco’s Tactics Revealed

Emerging products like e-cigarettes use flavored cartridges that are sold in an assortment of sweet, kid-friendly flavors including “vivid vanilla,” “cherry crush” and chocolate. Increasingly, e-cigarettes are being marketed using themes and images long used to market regular cigarettes to youth. In order to educate youth about the dangers of tobacco and nicotine use and reveal the truth behind Big Tobacco’s marketing tactics, the Arkansas Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program has developed an educational DVD entitled, “Sweet Lies, Bitter Truth: Big Tobacco’s Tactics Revealed.” Note: The following educational video is intended for use by grantee and coalition members to share with educators, parents, and community leaders. It is not intended for youth audiences. Underage viewers could perceive some content as glamorizing or indirectly promoting tobacco and nicotine products. The goal of this video is to increase awareness about emerging tobacco and nicotine products and how the tobacco industry and e-cigarette companies are targeting youth.

Tobacco Use Epidemic in the United States: Is 50 years of Progress Enough?

The landmark report released by the ninth Surgeon General, Dr. Luther Terry, laid the foundation for tobacco control efforts in the U.S. Through the efforts of tobacco control professionals, advocates, and researchers the work has continued to advance. Acting Surgeon General Dr. Boris D. Lushniak discusses the progress of tobacco control and the work still to be done to end tobacco-related disease and death.