Alberta Faye – Maumelle

Alberta Faye took the first step toward a healthier lifestyle in 2008 when she decided to stop smoking and start running. She called the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline and embarked on her cessation journey. One “quitter’s” step in the right direction turned into thousands and as a result of her commitment to a tobacco-free lifestyle, she doesn’t just run marathons, she finishes them!

More important than reaching and surpassing her personal fitness goals, Alberta Faye points out that one of her greatest achievements is serving as a positive role model for her grandchildren. “My grandchildren definitely benefit from me not smoking because I don’t smoke around them. They’ve never seen me with a cigarette, which is a wonderful feeling… I’m a good role model for them, and it makes me feel really proud.”

While personal health and family played a large role in her decision to quit smoking, Alberta Faye attributes much of her continued success to the support she received from her Quitcoach. “It’s a wonderful feeling to know that the Quitline is out there, and know that I can pick up the phone, I can call a coach. Or, I can go online to my original database and look at my goals, and I can reset new goals. You know, it’s all about when you reach a goal, then you set bigger goals, and you set better goals…This is a big deal. To quit smoking is a big decision to make, and it will change your life.”

Alberta Faye’s story is a powerful reminder to individuals—whether they use tobacco or not—that it is never too late to reclaim their health. For those who do use tobacco or nicotine products and want to stop, take it from a quitter who knows the true meaning of winning: “The one thing I’d like to say to someone who wants to quit is that you don’t have to be a product of your past. You can be a product of your future. Set your goals.”